REYES T. ROMERO (1890–?)

COCHITI BOWL circa 1950

We know little about Reyes Romero beyond what we see in Schaaf, Southern Pueblo Pottery, 2004 and a single mention in A River Apart, 2010. From those, we learned that she won an award at Indian Market in 1928. According to Schaaf’s research, Reyes Romero was born about 1890 and was active from 1910 on. She’d be considered an important potter even if we’d never seen one of her pieces because of what her descendants accomplished. One of her skilled potter daughters was Laurencita Herrera, born 1912, who in turn had a daughter named Seferina Ortiz. All of today’s famous Ortizes including Virgil are Reyes Romero’s great-grandchildren. We put this bowl on page 65 of our Southwestern Pottery before we’d learned enough about “R. Romero” to realize who she was, and guessed its date it as circa 1975 because of its excellent condition. Given the advantage of hindsight, 1950 seems like a more plausible date. This is a rare opportunity to have a piece by a highly important and almost unavailable artist.

5-1/4” diameter x 2-1/2” high

Condition excellent

H-75      SOLD

Reyes Romero circa 1960

(Museum of New Mexico)


selected by Allan Hayes and Carol Hayes, the authors of Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni, Pottery of the Southwest and The Desert Southwest, 4000 Years of Life and Art

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